NIEM 2.1 Change Log

Changes in NIEM 2.1

Change ID Summary
1 Changed data type of j:ArrestInvolvedWeapon from nc:PropertyType to nc:WeaponType
2 Replaced Infrastructure Protection domain with new content
3 Modeled a new justice Offense object; changed data type of element j:Offense from nc:IncidentType to j:OffenseType
4 Added CPP-related components to the justice domain (Treatment, Evaluation, etc)
5 Added new MotorCarrier object to the justice domain
6 Added Family Services domain
7 Replaced Geospatial external schemas with updated schemas
8 Added new Maritime domain
9 Deleted element scr:Detention (duplicates scr:DetentionAugmentation)
10 Removed reference associations in justice domain
11 Loaded screening additions, new definitions, and updates
12 Loaded immigration additions and updates
13 Replaced emergency management domain with new content
14 Added new CBRN domain
15 Added international trade content, new definitions, and updates
16 Changed the definition of j:VictimOffenseChargeCode so it is not specific to a person.
17 Removed duplicate element j:JurisdictionIdentification
18 Harmonized duplicate elements in immigration and screening
19 Removed "Rad" from the name of cbrn:RadEncounterDeviceLocationType and corresponding property names
20 Made elements cbrn:UserName and cbrn:GeographicCoordinates abstract; deleted the data types.
21 Changed data type of cbrn:CountValues to cbrn:DoubleListType
22 Harmonized components in CBRN and International Trade (IT) domains
23 Added AFCARS permanency goal codes and child welfare additions to the Family Services domain
24 Added a reference to m:Voyage to m:VesselPortAssociationType; removed element m:VoyagePortOfCallAssociation and data type m:VoyagePortOfCallAssociationType. Also removed element m:PortOfCallReference (had reference target=VesselPortAssociationType)
25 Added Hospital Availability Exchange (HAVE) external standard and adapter schema for Emergency Management domain
26 Replaced hazmat codes with updated set. Definitions now include hazard class or division to distinguish identifical definitions.
27 Added augmented elements and augmented types for augmenations in all domains
28 Added missing definitions
29 Added identification issuing country code substitutions for Intelligence domain
30 Changed intel:AuthenticCode (data type nc:TextType) to intel:AuthenticIndicator (data type niem-xsd:boolean)
31 Changed the name of intel:CapabilityProficiencyCode (data type nc:TextType) to CapabilityProficiencyText since there is no code set.
32 Changed the data types of im:AlienBirthCountryName, im:AlienCitizenshipCountryName, im:AlienResidencyCountryName from nc:TextType to nc:PropertyNameTextType to be more consistent with country names in Core.
33 Removed intel:PartialDateType and replaced its attributes (dayOfMonth, month, year) with element substitutions for nc:DateRepresentation. Removed intel:PersonBirthDate and intel:PersonDeathDate since the duplication is no longer needed.
34 Removed element intel:PersonDriverLicenseIdentification (duplicates element nc:DriverLicenseIdentification).
35 Removed intel elements PersonNationalIdentification and PersonOtherIdentification (duplicates elements in Core).
36 Removed element intel:PersonSSNIdentification (duplicates element in Core).
37 Changed the definition of j:BondTerminationCategoryText
38 Added j:DrivingIncidentBloodAlcoholContentNumberText to j:DrivingIncidentType
39 Added new DriverLicenseEndorsement element, type, and sub-components to justice; made the new element substitutable for nc:DriverLicenseEndorsement
40 Added new element j:CDLHolderCode to j:CitationType
41 Added new element j:JuvenileAsAdultIndicator to j:PersonChargeAssociationType
42 Harmonized im:ConsulateIndicator and scr:ConsulateIndicator
43 Harmonized im:AlertEntryText and scr:AlertEntryText
44 Added keyword to element scr:ClassOfAdmissionClassificationCode
45 Changed the definition of j:PersonStateFingerprintIdentification
46 Added j:IdentificationJurisdictionUSPostalServiceCode as a substitution of abstract property nc:IdentificationJurisdiction
47 New components for SAR - added intel:ThreatTypeCode and type j:TipClassCodeType
48 Added additional codes to sar:TargetSectorCodeSimpleType