NIEM 4.1

This is the NIEM 4.1 release.

What is a minor release?

NIEM 4.1 is a minor release, which allows domains to update their content as needed. Core, all namespaces that Core imports, and the architecture will remain locked until the next major release, NIEM 5.0.

Content changes

The following is a summary of the content changes made in this release. Please review the change log spreadsheet for a detailed list.

Domain changes

Content changes have been provided by the following domains:

In addition to those listed above, most domains have been updated because of cross-domain dependencies.

Issue resolutions

The following domain-related issues from the issue tracker have been addressed:

Core Supplement 4.0.1

Core Supplement 4.0.1 is being published concurrently with the 4.1 release. This provides bug fixes for Core content in a separate schema that can be used along with the existing Core 4.0 schema.

The Core Supplement schema may be found bundled with the other schemas in the subdirectory:


This schema is in subdirectory "1" under the path for Core, identifying it as the first supplement to that namespace.

Issue resolutions:

The following core-related issues from the issue tracker have been addressed in the Core Supplement: