NIEM 4.2

This is the NIEM 4.2 minor release.

As a minor release, domains and domain code tables may be updated as needed. Core, all Core code tables, and the NIEM architecture will remain locked until the next major release, NIEM 5.0.

NIEM 4.2 conforms to the ReferenceSchemaDocument (REF) target of the NIEM Naming and Design Rules (NDR) Specification, version 4.0.

Key changes

The following is a summary of the content changes made in this release.

Please review the NIEM Releases issue tracker or the change log spreadsheet in the release package for a detailed list of changes.

Domain changes

Content changes have been provided by the following domains:

In addition to the changes listed above, most domains have been updated because of cross-domain dependencies.

Core Supplement 4.0.2

Core Supplements are additional schemas used to publish additive changes to Core between major release. For 5.0, these supplemental changes will be merged back into the regular Core and Core code table namespaces.

Harmonization and other updates

Release package updates