NIEM 5.0

This is the NIEM 5.0 major release.

In a major release, content may be updated in any namespace, including Core. Changes may also be made to the NIEM architecture, which may be reflected in the structure and layout of the NIEM schemas.

The following is a summary of the key changes made in this release. More details are available from the 5.0 issues in the NIEM Releases issue tracker, and the change log spreadsheet in the release package.

NIEM specification updates

This release reflects updates made to the NIEM specifications that define rules for NIEM reference schemas.

NIEM Naming and Design Rules (NDR) 5.0

Auxiliary content

NIEM 5.0 has introduced auxiliary schemas to the release package. These are similar to the NIEM code schemas, which provide codes in a NIEM-conformant format from authoritative sources that may or may not participate in NIEM releases or governance processes. The auxiliary schemas provide full NIEM-conformant content (properties and types, in addition to codes) from authoritative sources that are not NIEM domains and may or may not actively participate in NIEM releases and governance.




Merged Core Supplements

NIEM 5.0 merges the changes made in the Core Supplements published since the last major release, NIEM 4.0.

Domain changes

Cross-domain harmonization



Emergency Management







General changes

Version updates

External Standards

Release package updates

Other updates