NIEM 2.0 Change Log

Changes up to NIEM 2.0

Change ID Summary
1 Removed SuperType from the model
2 Moved sequenceID from namespace universal to structures
3 Modified property names for NIEM Harmonization.
4 Modified property definitions for NIEM Harmonization.
5 Modified type names for NIEM harmonization.
6 Modified type definitions for NIEM Harmonization.
7 Removed property SuperObject.
8 Removed property SameAs.
9 Removed property IsAssociatedWith.
10 Remodeled PropertyType
11 Added ItemType
12 Added EntityType to core.
13 Remodeled geographic coordinates and elevations.
14 Added GeographicElevationMeasureType
15 Remodeled the way websites and other virtual file locations are handled.
16 Added type xsd:anyURI and proxy type niem-xsd:anyURI.
17 Added namespace niem-core (namespace prefix = nc)
18 Deleted core namespace
19 Delete universal namespace
20 Remodeled measures
21 Deleted range properties
22 Replaced use of AgeMeasureType with TimeMeasureType
23 Promoted em LocationAltitudeMeasure and LocationDepthMeasure to core LocationType
24 Added Entity
25 Replaced old core fingerprints with ANSI/NIST fingerprints
26 Refactored part of SupervisionType into core
27 Renamed abstract element DocumentCoverageText as DocumentCoverage
28 Moved ISO and FIPS code elements to core
29 Remodeled Activities.
30 Replaced EventType with ActivityType and removed EventType.
31 Remodeled AddressType
32 Remodeled DateType
33 Remodeled MarriageAssociation, CivilUnionAssociation, and DomesticPartnerAssociation
34 Remodeled ContactInformation
35 Remodeled Facilities
36 Remodeled Measures
37 Replaced ConveyanceLicensePlateIdentification with ConveyanceRegistrationPlateIdentification
38 Remodeled TelephoneNumberType
39 Remodeled ObligationType
40 Remodeled IDs
41 Added TelecommunicationDeviceType
42 Loaded ANSI/NIST Fingerprints
43 Remodeled DrugType - generalized SubstanceType, added Chemical element
44 Added ComputerType
45 Remodeled Identities
46 Renamed boats as vessels
47 Changed justice namespace from prefix "j" release number "1.0" to prefix "jxdm" release number "4.0"
48 Changed geospatial namespace prefix from "gs" to "geo".
49 Added RoleOfOrganization to justice SubjectType
50 Fixed definition of scr:DocumentAssociation
51 Added IncidentDisseminationLevel to IncidentType
52 Added IncidentCategoryUCRCode
53 Modified EvidenceType so that it contains an abstract EvidenceObject rather than each possible kind of evidence
54 Added Incident entry/exit codes
55 Added VictimLeokaTypeCode
56 Corrected codes in LEOKAActivityCategoryCodeSimpleType
57 Renamed justice PersonStateIdentification as PersonStateFingerprintIdentification so it does not clash with core PersonStateIdentification.
58 Refactored DriverLicense info in justice and moved it to core.
59 Removed Abstract from element names
60 Corrected code definitions from ncic:JWTCodeSimpleType, ncic:HULCodeSimpleType
61 Corrected the base of PercentageType from xsd:decimal to nc:PercentageSimpleType
62 Added ExplosiveType
63 Added drug category codes
64 Added Hazmat codes
65 Changed justice ViolatedStatuteAssociationType from containing Charge to containing Statute
66 Added NGA datum codes
67 Modified code definition in ncic:EXLCodeSimpleType
68 Applied NCIC TOU 06-2
69 Changed the definition of ncic:CATCodeSimpleType code "TU" from "Turbocharger" to "Turbocharger/Supercharger"
70 Updated FIPS 10-4 country codes
71 Updated ISO 639 language codes
72 Added iso_639-3:LanguageCodeType and iso_639-3:LanguageCodeSimpleType with code set
73 Deleted namespaces ISO 639-2b and ISO 639-2t
74 Restricted cardinality on GeographicCoordinateType
75 Restricted cardinality on nc:UTMCoordinateType
76 Restricted cardinality on nc:MGRSCoordinateType
77 Changed the type of nc:UTMEastingValue and nc:UTMNorthingValue from niem-xsd:integer to niem-xsd:nonNegativeInteger
78 Removed nc:GeographicDatumID (has been replaced by nc:GeographicDatumCode)
79 Updated/replaced unece rec 20 units of measurement code sets
80 Screening updates
81 Added im:AlienAlertType as parent type of scr:AlertType
82 Changed scr:PersonAlertType to an association - renamed as scr:PersonAlertAssociationType; added parent type nc:AssociationType and person and alert references
83 Added new properties to scr:PersonCrossingEncounterType
84 Added new properties to scr:ConveyanceAugmentationType
85 Added new properties to scr:PersonDesignatorType
86 Added scr:VisaType and visa properties
87 Added new property to scr:BenefitApplicationEncounterType
88 Replaced and added new elements to scr:ScreeningProcessAugmentationType (renamed from scr:ActivityProcessAugmentationType)
89 Changed Identification elements to ID elements
90 Added new property to scr:PersonBiometricAssociationType
91 Added new properties to scr:PersonDerogatoryInformationType
92 Added properties to scr:TravelDocumentType
93 Added additional codes to scr:ClassOfAdmissionCategoryCodeSimpleType
94 Updated immigration element definitions
95 Added element Attachment of type nc:BinaryType to niem-core.
96 Added element TearlineIndicator to niem-core.
97 Moved j:VehicleMotorCarrierIdentification to niem-core
98 Added element TargetSectorCode to jxdm
99 Added TipTaxonomyType to jxdm
100 Moved PersonOtherID to niem-core:PersonType
101 Changed type of nc:FacilityName from nc:TextType to nc:ProperNameTextType
102 Removed ThreeDimensionalGeographicCoordinateType added in 2.0 alpha
103 Replaced ic-ism and Document security information with an empty metadata adapter type since ic-ism is FOUO; removed the dod and eo-12958 types and namespaces
104 Renamed types and elements with term "Security" used in a financial sense as "Securities" to avoid semantic overlapping with the safety sense of the word.
105 Changed three apco type names ending in "SimpleCodeType" to "CodeSimpleType" to be consistent with the other types in the model
106 Replaced element representation term "CodeText" with "Code"
107 Refactored Encounters - added PersonEncounterType to niem-core
108 Harmonized PassportType and moved it into core
109 Replaced nc:InjuryCauserPerson in nc:InjuryType with its substitution group head nc:InjuryCauser
110 Refactored and moved engine information into ConveyanceType so that it can apply to any kind of conveyance.
111 Switched names of Victim and VictimEntity so that Victim is now of type VictimType and VictimEntity is the abstract substitution head
112 Removed duplicate j:ActivityInvolvedPersonAssociation (already exists in core)
113 Fixed code definitions in NCIC HULCodeSimpleType and PROCodeSimpleType codes
114 Created OrganizationUnitAssociationType
115 Added ncic:RMICodeType (Ransom Money Indicator)
116 Added ndex:MethodOfAccessCodeType
117 Renamed j:VictimLEOKACategoryCodeType as j:LEOKACircumstanceCategoryCodeType; element j:VictimLeokaTypeCode as j:LEOKACircumstanceCategoryCode
118 Modified definitions for codes of type nibrs:LEOKAActivityCategoryCodeSimpleType
119 Attached orphaned victim elements to j:VictimType; deleted hanging j:VictimProperty (j:VictimAffectedProperty is substitutable for j:VictimEntity)
120 Added new element j:IdentificationJurisdictionCanadianProvinceCode as a substitution for nc:IdentificationJurisdiction
121 Fixed the definition for the external geo namespace om
122 Applied ANSI NIST Biometric modifications
123 Changed ItemTransactionAssociationType to ItemTransactionType
124 Updated ISO 3166 country codes
125 Updated fips10-4 international state codes
126 Removed nc:VehicleModelCodeText
127 Removed the term "Abstract" from the middle of element names when used to indicate an abstract element.
128 Moved applicable elements from nc:ItemType to nc:TangibleItemType
129 Added abstract ItemColor to nc:TangibleItemType; made other item/vehicle/vessel color element substitutable for the new element.
130 Moved orphan element j:PersonNCICIdentification to j:PersonAugmentationType
131 Applied immigration domain fixes
132 Changed inheritance of nc:ConveyanceType and it:PackageType from nc:PropertyType to nc:ItemType
133 Changed the definition of nc:PropertyType
134 Merged ncic, ndex, and nibrs namespaces into one "fbi" namespace
135 Added nc:PersonReference to nc:DriverLicenseAssociationType
136 Removed dates in associations duplicated by inherited AssociationBeginDate and AssociationEndDate - nc:ResidenceStartDate, nc:ResidenceEndDate (nc:PersonResidenceAssociationType), nc:ConveyanceTransportationDate (nc:TransportationAssociationType)
137 Remodeled nc:PersonInvolvementInActivityAssociationType - Dropped nc:PersonReference and nc:ActivityReference, extended from nc:ActivityPersonAssociationType, and renamed as nc:ActivityInvolvedPersonAssociationType
138 Applied screening domain fixes
139 Changed the definition of EntityType to "A person, organization, or thing..."
140 Made appropriate abstract properties concrete where unreferenced by substitutable properties; added object types
141 Replaced term "Personal" with "Person" in screening and core
142 Fixed definitions for ansi_d20:DriverLicenseClassCodeSimpleType codes
143 Updated namespace definitions
144 Updated versions for schemas dependent on structures and appinfo (which have been updated to version 2.0)
145 Removed intel:SubjectCautionInformation from type intel:SubjectCautionInformationType
146 Modified the definitions of elements nc:ContactInformationIsEveningIndicator and nc:ContactInformationIsNightIndicator
147 Moved element nc:ConditionGroupParentID back to justice
148 Made nc:EntityPerson and nc:EntityOrganization elements available as references to be substituted for abstract element nc:EntityRepresentation within nc:EntityType
149 Removed nc:ActivityEntityAssociationType in favor of existing types nc:ActivityPersonAssociationType and nc:ActivityOrganizationAssociationType
150 Moved j:VehicleIdentification into niem-core under nc:VehicleType
151 Changed nc:PersonVehicleAssociation to nc:PersonConveyanceAssociation
152 Changed the parent type of nc:ConveyanceType from nc:ItemType to nc:TangibleItemType
153 Added element nc:HazardousMaterial of type nc:SubstanceType
154 Added nc:PassportIdentification to nc:PersonType
155 Replaced used of "actor" with entities
156 Added associations from GJXDM 3.1beta to the jxdm domain